By Knob Engines


Why Birotary Engine

There are several major reasons why to choose our Birotary Engine rather than any other type or brand in its class. It features unexpectedly low weight, tube shape, small outside dimensions, minimum vibrations and others.
Click HERE for the summary of why this engine is the most suitable powertrain for its applications.


Birotary Engine has been developed in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. Its first BE A3 three-cylinder version can be used ideally for Ultralight Aircraft, Light-Sport Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Click here for more


Knob Engines Team consists of a few enthusiastic individuals around the chief designer Vaclav Knob. They are CEO Jiri Drahovzal, CTO Vaclav Knob in addition to Jaroslav Lampar of Sales Department and Jiri Hollan for Communication and Investor Relations. Click here for more


KNOB ENGINES is Research and Development Company specializing in combustion engines and transmission devices cooperating with CTU in Prague, Czech Republic. Its products find applications in aviation, automotive and other industries. Click here for more.


Company HQ are located at:
S.R.O., Knob Engines
Prumyslova 1960
250 88 Celakovice, Czech Republic

Managing Director: +420 770 601 601

Investor Relations: +420 603 558 600